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Insight 5th November 2021

What does Meta mean for the immersive tech sector?

Mark Zuckerburg has made it official: the metaverse is the future.

Insight 19th November 2020

Really augmenting AR

How we are sidestepping the limitations of handheld devices

Insight 5th October 2020

Powering up

Why we’re excited for the next-gen gaming tech

Insight 25th August 2020

Virtually identical

The accelerating need for accurate 3D assets

Xist free-roam VR
Insight 4th December 2019

Looking for the lighter option

Moving on from backpack PC-powered LBVR experiences

Insight 20th February 2019

Virtual freedom

Free-roam destination VR is set to be big

Augmenting AR
Interview 31st January 2019

Augmenting AR

Getting the best out of AR experiences

how not to break the spell of VR
Insight 28th January 2019

Intuitive interaction

How not to break the spell of VR

Insight 12th November 2018

Unity or Unreal?

Choosing your game engine

Oculus Go
Review 5th June 2018

Oculus Go

Great for home-use; a bit hit and miss for the office

Insight 15th February 2018

Raising the AR game

What Apple’s ARKit update really means for brands

Review 14th August 2017

Headset review

Acer Windows Mixed Reality

Insight 31st July 2017

The golden rules of AR

A few lessons we’ve learned when developing marker-based augmented reality experiences.