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Round up 15th January 2020

CES 2020 - the verdict

A quick look at some of the VR and AR announcements from the world’s biggest tech show

Byebye mobile phone VR
Insight 23rd October 2019

Mobile phone VR is dying out. Good.

Why the shift in direction by mobile manufacturers benefits both VR and AR

Insight 2nd October 2019

4D: increase the immersion

How ‘4D’ setups are making VR experiences more real

Insight 24th July 2019

The significance of Spark AR

What is Spark AR?

top tips for interactive stories
Insight 5th June 2019

Top tips for interactive stories

How to plan out branching narratives for VR and 360

freelance 3D animator
Round up 28th February 2019

Call out for freelancers

We're after freelance 3D animators

Insight 17th September 2018

The future of the virtual classroom

What does the future hold for VR in schools?

Round up 30th July 2017

June round-up

What's been happening at Immersive VR HQ?

Insight, Interview 28th June 2017

Immersive’s Chief Mad Scientist

Steve Bjorck is the Head of Innovation (a.k.a our answer to MacGyver) here at Immersive.

Round up 31st May 2017

May round-up

What's been happening at Immersive VR HQ?

10th May 2017

DK2 Give away!

Celebrate our 2 year birthday with a special give away.

Round up 10th May 2017

April round-up

What's been happening at Immersive VR HQ?