Round up 31st May 2017

May round-up

What's been happening at Immersive VR HQ?

Hugo Boss: Your Time is Now

When Hugo Boss launched their new fragrance, Hugo Man, they wanted an unforgettable way for industry experts, influencers and wholesale customers to experience the product. That’s where we came in. We created a 360° mobile app that immerses the viewer in the setting of the fragrance film – placing users in the footsteps of Zac Efron, the brand ambassador, as he moves across the New York skyline at sunrise. What’s more, the app contains a video player to show both the film and the making-of, as well as an image gallery and press release.


The test drive with a serious twist

Recently we helped the Scottish government enhance their road safety campaign. We were tasked with creating ‘a test drive with a serious twist’ – a highly realistic scenario that places viewers in a concept car and then simulates a serious road collision when they least expect it. The experience was installed at pop-up locations in shopping centres in Scotland. Each participant was filmed to capture their shock, with the video being shared on social to increase the reach of the message. Within two weeks, it had clocked up over 44,000 views in total.


Primal Reign launches at the Game Festival

Our first VR game, Primal Reign, is now available on the Steam Store. Within a day of being launched, it was already no.2 on the list of most popular free downloads! We also took it to Norwich Gaming Festival, where it was an instant hit – with some keen gamers coming back several times to try and get their score higher. The game places the player in the heart of an Egyptian pyramid at the height of World War Two, where a Nazi experiment in time travel has gone wrong – pulling primal prehistoric beasts into the present. You have to fight the waves of dinosaurs to survive and escape the ruins through the portal.


Breaking ground with the Nokia OZO

Our film crew headed to the French Riviera in the middle of May to make a feature about the Euro Festival – the Harley Davidson rally that takes St Tropez by storm every year. We really tested the limits of the Nokia OZO, not only attaching it to the bonnet of a moving Jeep, but strapping it to the back of a Harley Davidson in the hills too. The footage looks amazing – keep your eyes peeled to see the fruits of our labour soon!


Celebrating two years of crafting reality

At the start of May, we celebrated two years since Immersive VR was formed. In two years we’ve grown from a three-man band to a team of 15, jumped from studio to bigger studio three times over, won our first award, been nominated for two more and worked with a quite frankly amazing range of global names. Now we’re looking to the future – what will the next two years hold?