Insight 15th September 2020

Mixed Reality capture with Oculus Quest

Find out how we create our mixed reality content.

We've been testing our mixed reality setup in the studio this week, here’s how it works. 



The mixed reality capture works by setting up a DSLR camera on a tripod and recording a player against a green screen. The position of the physical camera is then matched to a virtual camera placed inside the game world. We combine the two streams in real-time to give us the feel of the player being in the virtual world.

The tools are relatively straightforward to use. The calibration to match the position of the physical camera with the virtual camera takes a bit of time to work out, but once that is done you've got a great representation of the player interacting with the virtual world.



Today we're testing with some classic Oculus Quest VR games, however, one of the really exciting prospects is that there's a Software Development Kit. This allows us to use this method of capture within the experiences that both Immersive Studios and our sister company's create. We can record this real-time reaction between live-action footage and VR game experiences, which opens up a lot of different possibilities. Not just for showcasing the games, but for pushing the limits and capabilities of the software.


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