7th April 2020

Reality is turning virtual

We can help with that.

Now coronavirus has locked down the world, finding ways to connect virtually is more important than ever. We’re here to help.

In just a few short weeks, coronavirus has turned how we all live our lives on its head. Staying home to save lives is crucial – there’s no compromise. But trying to keep businesses going is important too and we’re seeing increasingly creative ways that people are achieving this, from restaurants switching to home delivery to mass team meetings taking place online.

In short, the pandemic is forcing us to do all the things we’d usually do with other people, other businesses, and in other places, virtually. At Immersive, we’re no strangers to this. And that’s why we’re taking it further.

Leveraging our expertise in VR technologies, we’re currently developing a platform that will enable the kinds of real world events and conferences that are now cancelled to take place virtually instead – from product launches to trade expos.

How? It’s simple. We’re taking advantage of the bespoke technologies we’ve developed over the past two years to enable multiplayer VR gaming and funnelling it towards enabling virtual conferences, to deliver a platform where potentially hundreds of VR users can enter the same virtual space and interact with their hosts, each other, and their environment – all from the safety of their own home.

With delivery options ranging from 2D screen-based to VR headset, we’re striving to give a viable virtual alternative to physical events for businesses and brands. The platform will enable multiple exhibitors to occupy the same virtual space and interact with ‘attendees’ in an intuitive and effective way that’s not massively removed from the genuine physical experience. Using VR headsets in particular will recreate that feeling of presence and give users a much more realistic feeling of attending an event – which is important for brand impact and business conversion.

With a big question mark hanging over when we’ll all be able to ‘get back to normal’, using VR technology in this way makes perfect sense. But it’s not just a short-term solution. While coronavirus has stepped on the accelerator of its development, there will be far-reaching value to virtual conferencing even when we can meet up in groups again. Enabling mass virtual and interactive attendance to VR events brings benefits from reducing the need to and cost of travel to boosting accessibility. And as coronavirus has shown, being able to live and work virtually is more important than ever.


To find out more about how we could help you create a virtual event, just get in touch.