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Insight 20th February 2019

Virtual freedom

Why free-roam destination VR is set to be the next big thing

Insight 28th January 2019

Intuitive interaction: how not to break the spell of VR

Interaction can make or break the illusion

Insight 12th November 2018

Unity versus Unreal

Choosing your game engine

Insight 5th October 2018

Photos and lasers

How to get a head start in 3D modelling

Insight 17th September 2018

The future of the virtual classroom

What does the future hold for VR in schools?

Insight 2nd March 2018

VR's place in marketing

Marketing: in a world of short attention spans, VR offers something new

Insight 15th February 2018

Raising the AR game: what Apple’s ARKit update really means for brands

Can Apple’s ARKit shift AR from short-term gimmick to long-term staple for brands?

Insight 31st July 2017

The golden rules of AR

A few lessons we’ve learned when developing marker-based augmented reality experiences.

Insight, Interview 28th June 2017

Immersive’s Chief Mad Scientist

Steve Bjorck is the Head of Innovation (a.k.a our answer to MacGyver) here at Immersive.

Insight 30th May 2017

Telling compelling stories in 360

Telling compelling stories in 360 – how do we do it?