Insight 31st July 2017

The golden rules of AR

A few lessons we’ve learned when developing marker-based augmented reality experiences.

Apple devices do AR best

If you’re making an AR experience, develop for iPads – they’re the most reliable. And the newer the hardware, the better.


Get your markers right

That means each marker should be:

  • Not symmetrical
  • Large enough to be scanned easily
  • Made up of straight lines – no curves please, this confuses the device
  • Very different from any other markers in the vicinity – our rule of thumb for multiple markers is to make each one 90% unique!


Get the lighting right

Not too dim, not too bright. Low light makes it harder for the device, while bright light whites out the marker and the device can’t scan it at all.


Consider your extended tracking

Believe it or not, it works best against a patterned surface rather than a plain background.


Test, test, test and more testing!

From every which way, in every which lighting, on every which device.


Want to see AR in action? Check out how we've used it and get in touch to talk ideas.