Augmented Reality (AR)

Creating an AR experience shares many of the same techniques as creating a VR experience, but their uses can be very different. We develop a range of AR experiences that enable brands to bring an exciting mix of the real and the virtual to their audiences, from turning a static stand into a 360º video to enabling virtual configuration of a physical car.

What is AR?

Augmented reality is when digital elements are overlaid into a real-world environment to create an overall experience that blends virtual with physical. Viewed through an AR headset or via a mobile device with a camera, AR can either add a layer of content to an already existing object, such as data, facts, stats or images; or it can place a new virtual object in the real world, for example a new car that’s yet to be released. Experiences can be triggered from a marker, from a tracked object or spawned without a marker.

Why use AR?

AR enhances the world around us. It gives users an interactive and explorative way to access content that’s both fun and playful, and it’s uniquely practical – enabling you to access large amounts of content from something tiny, or even from something that isn’t there at all. All users need is a mobile device with a camera, which makes it easier to engage a wide audience. AR is also hugely flexible – an experience can trigger all sorts of different content, including:

  • Text & images
  • 2D and 360° video
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • 3D objects
  • Interactivity.

Its usage is increasing across a range of sectors, from retail & automotive, to games & entertainment, to culture, to education. Take a look at some of the AR experiences we’ve created.

App or Web AR?

You can access AR experiences in two main ways: through a dedicated app downloaded onto a mobile device or via a web page. As a rule, we recommend building an app as this method offers greater and more reliable functionality, provides a higher quality of experience and doesn’t require an active internet connection at the time of use – so if you’ve already downloaded the app you can use it anywhere.

Web AR is the next step in augmented reality experiences – where you can access an experience using just an internet connection and a web page. As the technology stands, web AR is not yet as advanced as app AR, so you cannot equal the same level of quality or interaction – but it can provide basic experiences without the need for a native app to be downloaded.

We’re happy to discuss creating either app or web AR experiences for you, just get in touch.