Drone footage

Drones have transformed the way we can film – making epic aerial shots possible at a cost effective price. We have a qualified drone pilot on our video team, as well as good relationships with several drone companies, so we can produce high quality drone footage for your project.

High flying

Filming with drones involves attaching a camera to the bottom of the drone and flying it over specific landscape, area or action to capture it from the air. This applies to both 2D and 360º video and requires a skilled pilot in order to capture smooth, good quality footage. Flying drones for commercial purposes also requires a licence from a CAA approved provider. Our team includes a qualified drone pilot who enables us to film using our Mavic 2 Pro drone.

Why use aerial footage?

Aerial footage adds an epic dimension to video, especially 360º video – where the viewer feels like they are flying. It allows us to capture unique angles of action and gives an extra level of exhilaration to an experience. For 360º experiences using drone footage, we edit out the drone in post production so it really does feel like you’re flying. We’ve included drone footage for clients such as Lotus Driving Academy and Swansea University.

If you want to find out more about our drone capabilities, get in touch.