Virtual Reality (VR)

We create VR experiences from scratch. Our team of 3D artists and developers work together to build compelling interactive experiences that vary from the lifelike to the fantastical, with high quality graphics and binaural sound – from test drives through dreamscapes to journeys through time.

What is VR?

A virtual reality experience places users inside a computer-generated simulated environment, allowing them to interact with the 3D world around them. Experienced through a headset, VR simulates human senses – sight, sound and touch in particular – creating an as-near-to-real experience as possible. There are thousands of VR headsets on the market, ranging from high-end PC-powered setups to cheap and cheerful mobile headsets.

Why use VR?

VR allows you to experience the impossible – making it both a useful tool and a great source of entertainment. It’s versatile and scalable, ranging from interactive free-roam experiences where you can move around and interact with a physical space – to fold-up cardboard headsets that run from just a mobile phone – meaning you can use VR for anything from a detailed training simulation to an interactive multiplayer game to a short and punchy brand experience.

What’s more, VR is completely immersive. Unlike augmented reality, which merges virtual elements with the real environment, VR places you in a completely different world with six degrees of freedom (6DOF). That sense of physical presence enables the user to connect more completely with what they’re seeing – inspiring a feeling of active participation that encourages greater engagement with the content. That’s why it’s been proven to work so well across a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Training and education
  • Entertainment and games
  • Automotive and retail
  • Experiential marketing

We’ve created experiences for a range of clients. Just take a look at some of our VR achievements.

Free-roam VR

Free-roam VR is the next step in virtual reality services. Users can move freely around a virtual space without being tethered to a computer or hampered by wires – allowing them to walk around a physical space much as they would in the real world. This provides an overall experience that is as close to realistic as possible – drawing in interaction with physical objects and other people in a simulation that mimics real-life capabilities, while transporting users to different worlds.

Free-roam VR underpins ‘destination VR’ – where users can go and enjoy a virtual experience in a dedicated venue. We work closely with our sister company, XIST VR, to provide high-fidelity, fully interactive and cost-effective free-roam VR solutions. Get in touch to find out more.