A Walk
Through Time

Wymondham AR Trails

New territory to attract tourists

Wymondham is an ancient market town in South Norfolk. The district council wanted to help stimulate tourism to the area – helping grow the local economy and increase footfall to the region. And they wanted to use innovative technology to do it. They tasked us with creating an engaging virtual heritage trail that leads visitors around the town – a first for the region. We designed and built the app from scratch – creating two interactive trails which could be used side-by-side or individually, which use a bespoke GPS system to guide users around the town. 

Bringing history to life

‘A Walk Through Time’ takes users on a historical trail through the town, using a mix of AR experiences, 360º animations and video stories to bring the history to life – from how the marketplace looking in medieval times, to Robert Kett’s rousing speech before leading England’s biggest rebellion, to the grisly tale of a Victorian double murder. ‘Henry the Hare’ trail, however, was designed for children – taking inspiration from the GoGo Hare sculpture displayed in Wymondham and creating an AR Henry that takes the children on a quest around Wymondham to find his lost belongings. We used a huge range of tech to build the app, from motion capturing actors, to photogrammetry of historical objects, to developing a bespoke CMS system. Launched in summer 2018, the app doubles up as a companion app to Wymondham – including a directory of places to eat, stay and visit, as well as local businesses and special offers. What’s more, at a certain point in the trail, users can experience a retelling of the famous Kett rebellion in VR.

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