Immersive Studios X

Immersive Studios X

Ideas for R&D

We’ve got a number of keen cyclists on our team – many of whom use turbo trainers at home. It was during a training session that the idea was sparked for an internal R&D project: how could we make turbo training with apps like Zwift more exciting? So we set about creating a cycling game that takes cyclists on a wild out-of-the-world ride that both challenges and entertains. Hooked up to a TV screen, Turbocade is a high-thrill race through a futuristic neon city.

Turning up the turbo

We devised a futuristic cityscape with a helter skelter track that sends the cyclist up, down and round in a dramatic twists and turns. Each lap travels 1700m around the predetermined track and all the graphics were designed and modelled by the 3D team. Using the data from the turbo trainer broadcast to the computer, we programmed the game to react to the data – with speed, gradients and resistance added to the game. The cyclist controls the game through a mobile phone app that can be displayed on the bike’s handlebars for maximum replayability. With a built-in leaderboard, the aim is to get the best score you can despite the tricky lap route. Displayed through a big TV screen in front of the turbo trainer, the game is completely immersive – and serves as an awesome workout.

What's your challenge?

Do you have a message you want to convey? A situation that needs simulating, or an audience that needs reaching? Whatever your challenge – we have the ideas, the experience, and the equipment to help.

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