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The Task

Berry Global is a global manufacturer of plastic packaging and engineered products, operating across 34 countries. With plastic making headlines in the press with regard to the environment, Berry wanted to help educate the stakeholders about how plastic products can be manufactured, used, and recycled sustainably as part of a circular economy. Planned to be used as an educational tool for employees and customers, Berry commissioned us to create an absorbing VR experience that demonstrated that plastic can be more sustainable than people think. So we devised an immersive experience that takes the user on an interactive journey through the circular process of plastic manufacturing – breaking down the process into key stages to enable the user to explore further.

The Process

The gaze-activated experience starts in the design studio and gives the user the choice of learning about rigid or flexible plastic. Once the user makes their choice, they are transported into an artistically-styled, slightly abstract, CGI world that’s modelled to reflect the different stages of the plastics journey. They move through the VR world until they reach a stopping point, where they enter a 360º video that shows and describes that part of the process, from manufacturing to recycling. After they’ve seen the video, they can choose to learn more about that topic from the hotspots in the environment, re-watch the video, or move onto the next stage. As the user travels through the experience, they build up a complete picture of how plastic is not only made and used, but how it’s recycled too – demonstrating the ‘circular economy’ that underpins the sustainability of plastic and helping to educate the user.

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