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Harrison Leisure

Innovation in marketing

Harrison Leisure is a national holiday company with over a hundred parks across the UK, including Wales, Scotland and the north of England. Not only do they offer holiday destinations all over the country, but Harrison Leisure also showcase product lines of all the UK’s major holiday home and lodge manufacturers in their showground and at their parks for people to buy. When their sales team were after a way to show their full product range across the parks in a centralised location at their sales office, we proposed a series of immersive 360º tours of their parks and caravans to be viewed in a custom VR booth in an industry-leading marketing campaign.

A central showcase

We travelled to over 20 parks across the country and filmed a range of full park virtual tours and static showhome walk-throughs in 360º. We then stitched and edited them together, adding in hotspots and key copy pull-outs that underlined the USPs of each of the parks and caravans. The video tours were housed in an app, arranged by site location, with a VR mode to be viewed in headset. This was then showcased in a VR installation at Harrison Leisure’s showroom using newly-released, cutting-edge tech that complemented the high-end media production. As a marketing tool, it was an innovative first step for the industry – helping Harrison Leisure boost their sales without having to ask their customers to travel.

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