Virtual tours

Virtual reality technology enables us to see places as if we’re really there – when we’re not. It gives us a sense of presence that’s as close to lifelike as possible without actually having to travel. And with the option to see it in headset, that gives virtual tours an extra edge – which is crucial for the retail, tourism and residential sectors.

Why have a virtual tour?

Whether you’re selling houses or holiday destinations or a hotel, it helps if the customer can see what they’re buying. Sometimes, however, distances can make that tricky. Virtual tours give customers a real sense of place, helping them make up their minds. In fact a recent survey by Google showed 67% of people want a virtual tour when looking at a listing. It’s a valuable conversion tool that keeps people looking at a website longer and engages your audience. What’s more, our expert team can create virtual tours simply and easily.

Matterport technology

Using photos taken with a 360º camera, we deploy software from Matterport to create a highly-accurate web-based virtual tour of the location or property. Navigating using the mouse, you can jump from room to room, or area to area, from the top-down view or click through to move through the space as if you’re walking around. With the option to view in headset, you can also experience the tour through virtual reality too – making the tour even more effective.

If you’re interested in creating a virtual tour, talk to us.